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Pharmaceutical Ointment

Get in touch with Avitr Farmica Pvt. Ltd. for buying pharmaceutical ointments, like Urea 10%+Lactic Acid 10%+Liq.Paraffin10%+Proplyne Glycol 10% Ointment, Aloevera 10% + Glycerin 15% Ointment and Cetrimide I.P.0.5% W-W Ointment; each with different composition. These ointments are prescribed by professionals only, for the treatment of dry skin and other skin disorders. The antiseptic, disinfectant and other ointments must be applied to the affected area as recommended by the doctor. Our company maintain an inventory of pharmaceutical ointment and can meet the requirements of several clients simultaneously. Well-packaged ointments are supplied to the doorsteps of customers. Interested customers can send us inquiry.